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March 10th, 2005
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♥ i am ♥ [+] 5'4 in height [+] fair complexion [+] STRAIGHT HAIR(thanks to rebond:))) [+] kikay [+] mall diva ♥ i act ♥ [+] innocent [+] witty [+] humorous [+] strong yet weak [+] childlike * i may be young in some things but I can be mature enough for serious things ** most of my friends are younger than me ** i am more attracted to younger boys..BOOM!AHAHA! **in general,i never call them "guys",i always call them boys..maybe it's a superiority complex..pretty ironic right?LOL! ♥ i love ♥ [+] GOD [+] family [+] friends [+]chocolate-my bestest friend ever!(kahit anu basta chocolate..AHEM:))) [+] bags [+] shoes [+]to smileXDDDit can brighten up other's day...tama? [+] fashion [+] shopping [+] PINK!stuffs..which sometimes turnin out to red but pink talaga haha..labo [+] bonding and hanging out with my friends [+] chitchats and talkin talks [+] music [+] to sing and dance but miserably they don't love me back..LOL! ♥ what makes me smile ♥ [+] GOD fearing people [+] sincerity and integrity [+] sweetness [+] thoughtfulness [+] humble [+] simplicity [+] and the simplest form of making me smile is remembering me out of your busy day:D
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