i want you to know

I wish it could be just like before
‘cause you’re still the one my heart is longing for

YouÂ’ve been patient with me
Even though weÂ’re not meant to be

I just canÂ’t help but I like you more each day
But I donÂ’t think you feel the same way

Each time you close your door
Dark and heavy rain began to pour

You might sometimes think I disregard you
You just donÂ’t know how my heart cries because of you

I know that this is bit of nonsense
But I just canÂ’t imagine you being with somebody else

Please try to comprehend
I see you more than just a friend

I want to shout what I feel
A feeling that is totally real

I just hope you know
How much I miss you so

Now I want to get over you so fast
And wipe these tears from the past

But I donÂ’t want to leave and regret
When youÂ’re the past I just canÂ’t forget

Now thereÂ’s nothinÂ’ more I can do
But dedicate this poem for you
Page created: October 25th 2005 01:35 AM