Believing All You’ve Ever Said

Believing all youÂ’ve ever said
Never thinking it was a lie
Sadly I was so misled
At night I always cry

Yearning for all our memories
To become my life today
For you IÂ’ll always try to please
In my life I wish youÂ’d stay

Are there any words for this?
For the love, the pain & tears
Is it you IÂ’ll always miss
Will you bring back all my fears?

The fear of being alone again
DoesnÂ’t feel right at all
No longer will I pretend
I will be willing to take the fall

IÂ’ve proved itÂ’s not a joke to me
My future with you in it, is real
Why is it I canÂ’t make you see?
Or get a straight answer on how you truly feel

Why do I always think of you?
Night or day, youÂ’re never off my mind
Do you feel the same way too?
Or is there nothing there for you to find

You have to stop coming and going
As often as you do
I canÂ’t live life not knowing
If my dreams are misleading me too

So I hope you soon come to see
My heart will forever be aching
If you shrug and laugh at me
ItÂ’s my heart you will be breaking
Page created: January 18th 2006 01:11 PM