oops boredom strikes again, so here comes the camwhoreXP


but this time, the camwhore is newly hair dyed)and dry hair comes on the way.lol!because i saw a new hair color from the brand i'm using i bought it and let my hair done.i will just do some hair treatments this coming weekend so my hair would be alive and bouncing again:D ((kaARTIhan mode)sorry.lol!



the hair color is "Deep Ash Golden Blonde"(arti talaga.AHAHAHA!)


so how was it? does it fit me?haha!


and oh by the way my mom's the one who did it!


patayo nalang kaya ako ng salon?lol!



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Posted by uhreeelicious on May 31, 2012 at 05:28 PM | 1 pikaboo!:D
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hey, I can't find your tagboard, so I just tagged you here: